Photo Essay Call: The Survivor Pic

There is a thing in the social dancing world called the “survivor pic.” It is the picture that is taken at the very end of a night of dancing to capture the people who made it through until the very end.

As I was write this, it comes to me that calling it a survivor pic makes it sound as if the remaining dancers braved some terrible ordeal, or journeyed on an epic odyssey. Really though, they usually had just experienced a delightful evening of dancing and merriment. Funny.

Regardless, survivor pics are some of my favorite photos from any event that I attend. They have a feeling of camaraderie to them, or perhaps a touch of satisfaction. Most often though a definite look of exhaustion. It is not uncommon to have daylight peeking through in the background.

As the year 2018 winds down, I thought it a good idea to make a call for submissions for everyone’s favorite survivor pictures from the year. Please send me your favorite picture, along with the event name, date, and a sentence or two describing what made the night special for you. Oh, and also who took the picture for the photo credit.

I’ll compile all of the submissions and post them as a remembrance for 2018. Send your submissions to by Monday, November 26th.

For me, my favorite survivor pic is from the Saturday night dance at this year’s Willow Blues in Łódż, Poland – April 21, 2018. For some reason, we are almost all in black and somebody suggested at the last minute that we should pretend we are sleeping. I swear we had a great time! Notice the smiles peaking out of the corners of everyone’s mouths…

Photo: Michał Markowicz


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