We are a group of dancers, organizers, and musicians that have been writing about the social dancing world since October, 2018. We think it is important to document the stories that give meaning to the social dancing world, wherever that is. Social dancing is the most human of endeavors, and we want to share who we are and why it is we dance with each other. We hope that we will be entertaining for dancers and non-dancers alike, as well as give some clue to future generations of dancers as to what we are thinking today.

At the moment, our core is based out of Poland and Central Europe. We are most exposed to the Blues and Swing parts of the social dance world, although we are looking to grow and evolve as opportunities arise.

Greg Austin is the founder of Dancers Say What and currently wears the Editor-in-Chief hat. Born and raised in Texas, he discovered the social dancing world through Blues dancing in Austin. He made the jump across the Atlantic in 2017 and has been living and dancing in Poland ever since. He tries his best to just shut up and listen, but also enjoys pushing people’s buttons in a loving way. Oh, and he doesn’t mind washing dishes.

Want to be involved?

There are many ways to do so. The easiest way is to simply be a good reader and to share our stories when you think they are worth sharing. We are well aware of how special it is to have a readership that appreciates our goals, so we’ll always strive to be authentic about who we are and what we are doing. In return, gentle reader, we ask that you keep in mind that our writers and interviewees are opening up themselves to the entire world. A little understanding goes a long way.

We welcome new writers.

We are always looking for essay ideas and writing contributions. The main criteria for submissions is that the piece should enrich the social dancing world. Lots of space there, eh? It can be an opinion, an experience, a suggestion, an observation… pretty much anything. A mastery of the English language is not required, and we’ll help with editing. We know how difficult it can be to put an idea to paper. We ask, however, that you treat your writing contribution as something that should stand the test of time. If you look back on it in 20 years, will you be content that you wrote something honest and true to the moment? Send your idea to Editor@dancerssaywhat.com

Our Partner Studio in Kraków.

The physical anchor of Dancers Say What, located in the beautiful Polish city of Kraków.



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